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Fashion of the 2000’s

By: Jennifer Lancheros

Being on the Glamour top 10 fashion trends of the past decade, boots and miniskirts were clothes that every girl loved to wear in the first decade of the 2000’s.


Along with miniskirts and boots, leggings were also a huge hit. In fact, middle school and high school aged girls often included all of these fads into one single outfit. Miniskirts and leggings were first made popular in the 80’s but in the 2000’s, “leggings were paired with extremely short skirts such as the micro mini which barely covered the buttocks of the person wearing it.” (


Fashion of the first decade of the 2000’s was known as the “mash-up” decade, according to speakfashion. Why is this, you may ask, “Because it is the first decade that didn’t have a certain style. In the early 2000s, designers recycled already existing high-end fashion styles from the past decades, where, later on, designers began to adopt a more colorful, feminine, excessive, and ‘anti-modern’ look.” (Speak-fashion) Fashion began to look at previous times and pull different styles to make them well known again.

This was one of the first decades that showed how much fashion changes, and how quickly that change can happen. Because media was blooming over this time, with MySpace and the beginning of Facebook, young girls had easier access to continually look up their celebrity idols to see their hairstyle and outfits. There were also different websites where they could “try on” different hairstyles and outfits to see how they would look in what was trending. Celebrities, such as Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson, were well known for setting the ugg boot trend, (Popeater) which was actually “first made popular in the 1970s by surfers and have seen resurgence in popularity among teens and adults during the last decade.” Interesting enough, “Growing up in Los Angeles, Uggs didn’t really do much when it came to practicality,” (Gurl) but even so, many stars wore them often, and set a trend that lasted for years.

This decade did start the trend of tight-forming bottoms, also known as leggings. Since then, leggings have continually been used in today’s culture, along with yoga pants, which are worn more on a daily basis than for strictly working out. Wearing leggings does distract those of the opposite sex, and should be spoken about with the youth so that they know the type of message they are sending with the clothes that they are wearing. Putting on some yoga pants or leggings may not seem like a big deal, considering most girls wear them because of how comfortable they are, but it can be just as distracting as a low cut shirt or wearing a shirt with someone’s midriff showing. Culture sees this as something that can be looked past, but as Christians, we should be respectful of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. What may be in style, may not be the most considerate.


2 responses to “Fashion of the 2000’s

  1. nataliebroman ⋅

    One thing I’ve noticed about the 2000’s when I reflect on it in my thoughts, is that there is never really any big defining things that mark that generation, except for the fact that it is a generation that is just a blend of all the other generations.
    I feel like that has allowed for a lot of kids to have freedom in this generation because they aren’t tied down by too strict of societal norms, but on the other hand, I feel like this also makes it so that some kids have somewhat of an identity crisis, because there isn’t any one kind of marker to try and identify themselves with. While I do think that there are positive and negatives to both of the things that I just mentioned, I do think that it creates a very unique society and gives this generation a very different chance to develop who they want to be. I think pastorally, this could work to our advantage, because this could leave us with some more room to take the focus off trying to dress like their friend group’s chosen decade, and help them to focus on their definition in Jesus.

  2. First of all, great write up on the fashion of the 2000’s; I honestly learned something from how you explained that the 2000’s borrowed most of their fashion from other decades. I 100% agree with what you said about leggings and yoga pants. As a man, despite my best efforts, seeing a beautiful young woman wearing tight yoga pants or leggings can be a stumbling block. I imagine that for high school guys it could be even worse with hormones raging and whatnot. How much do you think girls realize wearing such form fitting apparel creates the potential for lust? In my mind, a lot of it has to do with the fact that many women don’t realize just quite the effect that wearing such articles of clothing can have on a man. I’m not assuming that women are oblivious to the reality of the situation. I’m just curious, what would be more beneficial? Trying to change young women’s mindset on dressing provocatively to get the attention of men? Or to educate young women about how strongly what they wear can affect young men? Maybe it is a little of both. I just know that as I talk to young men about it, I encourage them to make positive/ affirming complements to young women when they’re dressed modestly. Maybe if they are positively encouraged about their appearance by young men when they dress modestly, young women will be encouraged to dress that way more frequently.

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