2000s – Harry Potter



The Harry Potter Franchise

The Harry Potter franchise consists of seven books, eight films, and a worldwide fan base with a culture of its own.  The books themselves have won numerous awards since the first book came out in 1998.  It was in the 2000s that the books and film grew into a worldwide phenomenon.  The success have made Rowling the first and thus far only billionaire author.  Just for the release of Goblet of Fire, FedEx used nine thousand trucks for the sole purpose of delivering the books, while Amazon and Barnes and Nobles pre-sold over seven hundred thousand copies of the book.  The numbers kept growing after that for each book.  For the last book Deathly Hallows, more than one million copies were pre-ordered through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, and more than 11 million were sold in the first twenty-four hours of its release, making it the fastest selling book in history.



Trailer for Deathly Hallows:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_kDb-pRCds

The story of Harry Potter, which consist of a young wizard’s adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his battle against the world’s most evil wizard, has captured the hearts of many fans.  The eight Harry Potter films grossed over eight billion dollars, while working with a budget of over one billion dollars.  The first and last films were the most successful, with the last film, Deathly Hallows, breaking records for opening day, opening weekend, and yearly sales.  It ranks fourth worldwide among all films in sales.


The franchise impacted pop culture in many ways.  Even the word “Muggle,” a term within the series in reference to a person born into a non-magical family and incapable of performing magics, made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.  The craze for the Harry Potter films created the term “Pottermania,” and diehard fans have even planned their wedding theme around Harry Potter.  Fan conventions are another thing that popped up into the culture.  These events consist of Potter-centered activities, including the hosting of professional keynote speakers for Q&A sessions and presentations about the series.

The overall story of Harry Potter is about good versus evil.  Harry Potter, whose parents died when he was just a baby, creates a storyline that many people want to be a part of.  Just like superhero movies, Harry Potter fills a void in our hearts that the culture wants us to chase after.  Stemming from our feelings of loneliness and the desire to be special, this entire franchise makes every person reading the book or watching the movie want to root for the main characters.  Despite all odds and obstacles, Harry Potter becomes the hero, and that is what every single person wants to be.


As a Christian, there can be many mixed feelings about the Harry Potter franchise.  While conservative Christians denounce the series based on things like the use of magic and witchcraft, more liberal Christians seek to simply enjoy it for entertainment.  Our focus should not be on ourselves but rather on God.  The series teaches us to fight for what’s right, and it’s important to apply anything we learn into God’s ultimate plan.  There isn’t a distinctive right or wrong in enjoying these books or films, but it’s important to not get caught up in fantasies when we have a duty in our everyday lives to live out our purpose in Jesus Christ.