The 2000’s TV Show Family Guy


Family Guy1

By: Freddy Genther

Everybody loves cartons growing up. I have many memories of Saturday morning Animaniacs, Loony Tunes, and The TICK. The cartoons I loved so much as a child faded as I aged. Some people (me being one of them) wish that the Saturday morning cartoon times would never end. Seth McFarlane is one of those dreamers with talent. Seth McFarlane created an adult cartoon show called Family Guy. Family guy has been a cartoon family phenomenon throughout the 2000’s and continues to be a popular show. Family Guy first aired in 2001, with a rocky start Fox dropped the show. After the show was cancelled people bought up the first two seasons on DVD. Fox noticed the popularity and brought the show back in full swing in 2005. The popularity of the show has made it almost impossible to not recognize the main characters.

Family guy, is a show about a family with a dumb fat father at the helm Peter Griffin, his skinny wife Lois, their three kids: one daughter who cant find her identity Meg, the chubby loner Son Chis, and the baby main character Stewie, the family is accompanied by their super intelligent speaking dog Brian. Peter Griffin has his best friends as neighbors. The show is pretty much about what this family does. The carton would be considered a satire as the whole show makes fun of politics, people, and especially religion.Family Guy

Family Guy is popular because of the humor that appeals to a lot of young people in the 2000’s. A humor that seeks out people, to make fun of, and if the show is not explicitly picking on one person or people group, the show on a whole is making fun of the “typical American family”.

The part of the show that I dislike the most is the ignorant based humor of religion. And the most made fun of in the show is Christianity.  The show makes a point to make fun of God, and people who believe in God. By taking uninformed opinions to tear down Christianity, and make fun of God just for some laughs. The blame does not belong to the writers of the show, because they wrote this stuff but the fans think it is hilarious and want more. The effects of message on young minds, gives them a uniformed opinions about God, and Christianity. It makes religion one big joke. I think back to the book “Pop cultured” where the author states that we no longer have people who study and teach philosophy. We have movies, and TV shows that implicitly or explicitly gives the writers worldview.

Today I look at the peers I grew up with, who have such strong opinions about Christianity. The worldview of Christianity in American is viewed as a joke. As pastors our goal should be standing up to the ridiculous statements thrown around on Family Guy. Maybe showing a scene from Family Guy that bashes Christianity, and then talk about the biblical truth that combats those statements.


The 2000’s Music (Eminem)



By: Freddy Genther A.K.A The real Ski Shady

Rap music has been around since the early 1970’s. The popularity of rap music has grown exponentially over the past 30 years. As the music became more popular rap artist started to get recognized and some made it to the top. Not too many rappers have done what Eminem has done in the industry, not only making it to the top, but also making it the top as a white boy in a predominantly black music scene. He started rapping when he was in high school but never made it until he signed a deal with FBT production. After the rap Olympics in 1997 where Eminem placed second, Dr. Dre heard him and had to hire him. This was the turning point for Eminem’s career and what launched him into being one of the most popular artists of the 2000’s.  Eminem and Dr. Dre released their first album together in February of 1999, The Slim Shady LP. The album went triple platinum. Rolling stone magazine said that Eminem was the most popular artist in the 2000’s. With all this fame and popularity Eminem stayed with his in your face, say what ever he wants, style of rap. The style that stamped him as an artist would also bring him his biggest fans. Not just the style of Eminem’s music drew a crowd, but his pasty white skin. Eminem pretty much was the first white rapper to make it to the top, which got him noticed. With this new sound and color to the rap industry more, and younger white kids started listening to Eminem music. Exposer to this kind of music and lyrics caused a change in the youth of the 200’s. The move form 1990’s grudge to the 2000’s bag clothes wearing rappers. The young people loved Eminem. The effects of slim shady on the young people cannot be proven. It was a time that I lived through as a young person. Listening to his music planted this desire to do whatever I wanted to talk to people however with no regards for them as a person. I love the opening scene from the movie 21 jump street. Where Joan hills character plays a high school student in the early 2000’s. The song playing is slim shady, the camera pans down to see a nerdy bleach blonde haired, student with braces and huge baggy pants. The scene was perfect it was the picture of how a majority of youth wanted to be seen. Like Slim Shady. A gangsta white boy who don’t take anybody’s crap. Looking at this issue pastorally, I would consider looking at some of Eminem’s songs similar to how we did the media reviews. The majority of Eminems songs talk about the pain in his life and the fact that he can’t be the man he wants to be. Critically looking at his life, how much pain he has, and how he tries to heal it could be a good conversation starter._eminem_royce